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AppBrain browses Android Market on desktop and “syncs” downloads to phone

March 17, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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AppBrain browses Android Market on desktop and “syncs” downloads to phone

Android desktop browser sounds like an oxymoron since Google has insisted on a mobile-only distribution system for Android apps. And while AndroLib and Cyrket have done admirable jobs in making it possible to discover new apps on your desktop, they still require users to keep their phone handy to search or scan barcodes.

AppBrain is a nifty little tool that marries the Android device to the Android experience online. AppBrain lists Android apps for all major categories and the latest applications uploaded to the market. When users spot an app that they want, they press “Install.” After downloading the companion AppBrain app from the Android Market, users can sync their phone and install the apps that they spotted on AppBrain. It’s a very simple concept with great results.

Another great feature is AppBrain’s sharing. The app makes it easier to share apps by providing quick links to promote apps to Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. Even better, users can maintain lists of apps they have installed, keeping a ready-made list of Android apps recommendation. The first app I’d put on one of my lists is AppBrain.