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Android Apps Alert 18: quick search for gestures, media, and games

March 21, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Apps

Android Apps Alert 18: quick search for gestures, media, and games

The Android Market is starting to get a nice influx of new apps. Keeping up with those apps is becoming harder with each passing day. That’s why highlights the latest apps shooting up the Android Market and a few apps that you may have missed each week.

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Google Gesture search (0:00 – 1:00)

Google Gesture Search premiered as a Google-made Android app available only to users with Android 2.0 or higher. Donut users were fortunate enough to gain access to this new feature earlier this week as Gesture added 1.6 support. The app works as a shortcut for locating contacts, bookmarks, or apps by performing gestures. For people who have a long list of either, it provides a quick shortcut to those entries.

Tube Downloader (1:02 – 2:55)

Downloading YouTube videos is a breeze on the desktop, and Tube Downloader makes it just as easy to snatch videos on your phone. Tube Downloader makes it easy to browse video content on YouTube, DailyMotion, and Google Video. Users can preview video, gain information, download as video, or download as MP3.

Link 4 (2:56 – 3:53)

Link 4 is a game for anyone who has ever had the urge to play Connect 4 on their phone. Link4 supports multiplayer so users can wait in the lobby and find someone to play against. The object is to get four of the same color discs in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Yellow Pages (3:54 – 5:45)

There are thousands of businesses in thousands of cities in the U.S., and the Yellow Pages knows most of them. The Yellow Pages app is a great way to search and locate businesses, ranging from pizzerias to pharmacies where you can buy Pepto  Bismol to deal with all that pizza you ate. Search can be done through GPS or a specific zip code.

Drop (5:45 – 7:18)

Drop the ball into the opening before the screen catches up with you and ends the game. This is the easiest and most simple game seen since ball-in-a-cup!