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Android Apps Alert 16: Game, get out of debt, and gain control of your phone

March 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android Apps Alert 16: Game, get out of debt, and gain control of your phone

The Android Market is starting to get a nice influx of new apps. Keeping up with those apps is becoming harder with each passing day, which is why highlights the latest apps shooting up the Android Market and a few apps that you may have missed each week.

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3D Pong (FREE, 99 cents Multiplayer version)

There once was a website that I spent several minutes a day playing 3D Pong. I can’t access that website on my phone, but I can play with the app 3D Pong. Gamers can get their ping pong fix in this three dimensional game that tests their skills against both the computer and a multilayer mode, though it requires using the paid version for 99 cents. Bounce back from boredom with this free game in the android market.

Pay Off Debt ($0.99 USD)

U.S. law now requires company to spell-out how long it takes to get out of debt when paying only the minimum requirement. Pay Off Debt is an app that makes managing your credit and mortgage payments easier. Pay Off Debt creates profiles for each items balance, interest rate, due date, and minimum payment. The snowball effect then shows the estimated date you would finally be debt-free.

Toss Up

Trash bin basketball has made athletes of us all, and Toss Up brings that experience to the Android Market. The game has an incredibly simple premise: put the paper in the basket. A fan with wind speed affects each shot, so players must adjust and try to get a hot streak. A leaderboard for most points and consistent scores adds another element to the game. Though I’d love to see more options to create variety – moving the trash can and creating depth would be a nice touch –this is a great timewaster.

Google Voice Locations

Google Voice Locations makes it easy to manage GV activities. Similar to Locale, the app creates profiles based on GPS coordinates. Users can then edit those profiles to trigger actions, so a GV number would ring the home phone when someone is in range of their “Home” profile. It would then ring the office phone when near “Office” or ring the mobile phone during “Elsewhere,” a setting that applies to every location other than the Home or Office setting.

Titanium Backup (ROOT ONLY)

Titanium Backup is an Android app manager that’s great for keeping track with app versions. Users can create backups of their apps, install new versions, and still be able to stick with the pre-update versions they love. Titanium a tool to re-install backup apps to the SD card, allowing users to easily delete or install based on which version they prefer. You must have a rooted phone to use this app.


Cavedroid forces players to become incredibly accurate when using the accelerometer. Using a first-person view, an imaginary aircraft is navigated through a tunnel with obstacles by tilting the phone ever so slightly. Hand-eye coordination is a must in this navigation game. If you love the concept but aren’t too thrilled about the graphics, give similar app speed 3dx a try.


Boxee Wi-Fi Remote controls Boxee from your Android phone.

If you’re not feeling Titanium BackUp Manager, checkout App Manager.

Recommend apps and QR codes with others using App Referrer.

Recognizr uses facial-recognition in augmented reality. See someone’s social networking badges with your camera phone.

Better Keyboard updates to 5.0, here are some great skins.

Slacker Radio 2.0 now features an offline music “streaming” mode.

Associated Press delivers a Today in History app with historical tidbits and puzzles.

Google Earth makes it way for Android 2.1 phones (Nexus One only)