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All signs point to the Kyocera Zio coming available with Cricket

March 24, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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All signs point to the Kyocera Zio coming available with Cricket

Yesterday morning saw Kyocera announcing the Android based Zio M6000 smartphone. Unfortunately at that time all we were given was the general information which did not include any carrier, release date or pricing. But things change in a day, and now it looks like the carrier will end up being Cricket.

Keep in mind, this has not been officially announced as of yet, but instead the details are coming courtesy of TWICE who are reporting that;

“Kyocera’s first Android-based smartphone, the Zio M6000, will be among the first smartphones offered by prepaid carrier Leap Wireless, which plans to launch Zio sometime this year, the carrier told TWICE.”

And in reality, Cricket is owned by Leap Wireless. Yes, I understand this is confusing, after all I am speaking about one carrier owning another carrier and in many cases most people have not heard of either.

Just to give a quick background, Cricket can be considered more of a regional carrier, although they do have coverage available in all 50 US states (including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico). They also operate contract free and have a few simple yet affordable calling plans.

In the end, we are still waiting on something official, not to mention a price for the Zio M6000. But at the same time a low priced contract free Android phone may end up being tempting for some.

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