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Sync Outlook and Android with CompanionLink (software review)

February 16, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Sync Outlook and Android with CompanionLink (software review)

Microsoft Outlook is a must-have tool for millions of people. Outlook controls their email, daily appointments and agenda, tasks, and memos that power them through the day. For Android users with such a dependence on Outlook, not having those critical elements can be challenging – and in many cases unacceptable.

CompanionLink is an Android/PC sync solution that aims to fill in the gap for people who need their phone and Outlook to communicate with each other. Though it does not support email messages, CompanionLink does provide two-way sync for Calendar, Tasks, and Memos. CompanionLink has two methods for syncing: CompanionLink USB Sync, which works via USB sync; and CompanionLink for Google, which offers wireless updating via Outlook -> Google Account -> Android phone. (These two methods are available in different programs or the more expensive CompanionLink Express or Pro.)

Despite my disappointment with a lack of widgets that I could put on the home screen, I’m very pleased with the performance and convenience that CompanionLink USB Sync provides. The program quickly syncs data and makes the daily information readily available in the CL USB Sync application. The calendar is easy to navigate and viewed as a daily agenda (users can jump to a specific date when necessary). The tasks and memo feature are also key features that perform well. To-do’s are editable from the phone and the ability to sync notes/memos is incredibly useful. I can start off my day with a quick, secure sync and easily manage the appointments and reminders that I will need to utilize.

Prominent Google employees have said that Android needs to be more enterprise-friendly. Software like CompanionLink USB Sync is exactly what’s needed to make that happen. Both the PC software and the Android application work well together, making CompanionLink an ideal way to merge Outlook with Android.