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Slacker Radio 2.0 caches stations for offline playback

February 23, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Slacker Radio 2.0 caches stations for offline playback

Slacker Radio has made good on its promise to deliver cached stations to Android phones. Anyone with a Slacker Radio plus membership will now be able to listen to their favorite stations even if they lose their connection while riding the subway or going into remote areas with weak data connections.

A “Cache Station” will include a locally-stored playlist of songs available if the connection to Slacker’s streaming service fails. The “Auto Refresh” feature will automatically wake overnight while charging and download songs from a selected station. A new set of songs will be downloaded each night, or only if the user selects to cache stations manually.

Caching stations requires a Radio Plus account, which also adds features like unlimited skips and removing advertisements. Slacker Basic accounts can also cache stations for up to 14 days.