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iVdopia set to bring pre-app and in-app advertising to Android

February 18, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


iVdopia set to bring pre-app and in-app advertising to Android

Developers are constantly looking for ways to monetize their apps through advertising. A new option comes in the form of pre-app or in-app videos. iVdopia is bringing its mobile advertising platform to Android, adding social features and sponsorships to its mobile campaigns that are integrated into the phone.

iVdopia runs pre-app videos that advertise products or campaigns. When users launch an app, a video add plays for products like Coca Cola or campaigns from the National Guard. The app then loads after this short commercial. Click here to see a video example.

Developers will also have the option to add Talk2Me ads, which include more interactivity with the user. After a pre-app ad runs, users will be able to share it via Facebook or Twitter, respond to the company via email or phone, bring up an address in Maps, or learn more information from the company’s website.

There’s an obvious chance that users will be displeased with the 15 second ads that appear while the app loads. Perhaps this will be a trade-off for people who don’t like ads constantly on display within the app. iVdopia has just released its developer SDK for Android developers, so we’ll find out how viable this is in the coming months.