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HTC has released the Droid Eris source code

February 2, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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HTC has released the Droid Eris source code

HTC has recently announced that they have released the source code for the Droid Eris. This news comes as a mixed blessing though — for some its great news and for some it will go unnoticed.

Those that will be happy are developers and those who like to customize their Android handsets with custom ROM’s.

That said though, while this move will not affect many people (myself included) it is nice to see HTC being so good about releasing the source code. After all, the hackers and modders may be the minority but I would also say they are a loyal and dedicated minority.

Anyway, if interested in checking out the source, head on over the the HTC Developers page (link below).

[HTC via Twitter @HTC]