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Google delivers Android app for Google Earth (Nexus One only)

February 22, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Google delivers Android app for Google Earth (Nexus One only)

Google Earth is now available for Android handsets. Android devices can already tap into the World Wide Web through the browser and the stars through Sky, and they can now dot across the globe with 3D imagery from Google Earth.

UPDATE: The only people able to download the app are Nexus One owners. This app will only work if you have Android 2.1  installed on your phone.

Google uploaded Earth into the Android Market a few minutes ago and promise to provide the same quality images available on the desktop version. Users can search by voice to find cities, landmarks, business, and places to get a 3D view of the surrounding area. The app also includes layered geographical information for roads, borders, places, and photos among other features.

Scan this QR code to see if you are able to download the app. Google hasn’t made an official announcement at the time of this message so I’m not sure if it works on all versions of Android.

Thanks, Drennor!