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Camangi lowers the WebStation price down to $275

February 13, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Camangi lowers the WebStation price down to $275

A brief history of the availability Camangi WebStation…

The Camangi WebStation got off to a bad start the day it launched with a non-working pre-order link. Then they disappointed the early bird customers by only giving them a $10 discount. After that we saw some mixed at best reviews that left most ready to not make a purchase. That was followed by some silence and then a cooked up “get $600 cashback bonus” purchase program that reeked of desperation.

And well, now it seems that desperation is a little more apparent with the latest move — a significant price drop. Yup, Camangi has lowered the price of the WebStation from $399 down to $275.

Of course, given the history I am not sure that even a $125 price cut is going to be enough to convince anyone to make a purchase. Any takers?

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