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AppManager: simple Android app backup and restoration

February 27, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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AppManager: simple Android app backup and restoration

The other day my friend decided he wanted me to root his Moto DROID and then install the newest version of DROIDMod (just a cooked ROM with some 2.1 features). We went through the process and found that the install was extremely buggy. I told him that we should wipe everything from his phone (apps included) and then install the fresh DROIDMod even though he was reluctant to do so mostly because of all of his apps.

So, we went on the lookout for an app backup solution in the Market and came across AppManager. AppManager is free and allows the user to backup a single app or all apps installed at one time to SD. It also allows you the options to launch, uninstall, or search the market for the application again. I suppose that the latter option is for updating purposes. You can restore your applications from the app as well.

When you back up all of your apps it gives you the option to overwrite all of the apps that were saved previously or only save the apps that have been updated or added since the last save. Backing-up seems extremely quick (only took a couple of seconds to back-up 57 apps on my DROID) and painless.

Another handy feature of AppManager is that it shows you how much memory you have left internally for applications as well as how much memory is left on your SD.

One criticism is about restoring applications. AppManager only lets you install one application at a time from SD. I am not sure if this has something to do with permissions in Android or if it is only a limitation of the app. Even though it isn’t ideal, it still works well and is quite fast.

This app is confirmed to be working on the DROID and from the comments section in the Market appears to work on Android 1.6 as well. There is also a separate version for Cupcake (1.5) and a Pro version. At the time of writing, AppManager has a 4.6 star rating and has been rated 4916 times.