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App Referrer allows others to be directed to Android apps

February 25, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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App Referrer allows others to be directed to Android apps

If nothing else, most people can agree that the Android Market can be a little disorganized and not set up well for app discovery. The Market is also very unforgiving when it comes to misspelling and won’t suggest any app that is close to what you were querying. App referer is a free app that tries to solve this problem by allowing the user to pick any of the apps they have installed on their Android device, create a QR code for the app in the app store, and then allow the code to be scanned by another Android phone.

I tried this out yesterday with a friend and found it to be fast and effective. Of course the other party will need an Android device with BarcodeScanner, Shop Savvy, Google Shopper or even the new DexKnows application to scan the QR code. Once the code is scanned the device brings up the Market link as it would with any other QR code. This is a nice way to show someone an application and then provide the code for them to download it rather than then have to dig through the Market. App Referrer also allows the user to create a list of all the current apps on their phone and then email it.

The killer part of this app is that instead of just creating the QR code on the screen for someone to scan, you can also email, sms, or “tweet” the Market link for the application you want. This is an excellent and quick way to share your favorite apps with your other Android friends.

Via [This Week in Google]