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Android’s interface can be jazzy in 3D, stored on the web, or a whole new shell

February 15, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Android’s interface can be jazzy in 3D, stored on the web, or a whole new shell

Three companies recently unveiled their vision of how an Android interface should or could look. While TAT Home was more on the conceptual show-off side, SPB Mobile promised a product that it plans to deliver to OEM’s, and HipLogic declared that it would offer various UI’s delivered from the cloud.

TAT Home

TAT is a design firm that played an integral role in the way that Android looks. The company is now offering a highly-stylized, widget-heavy, 3D interface of how the Android could look tomorrow. Here’s a video below showcasing what all these homescreen widgets can do.

Sign-up for early access request at TAT.Se via [Engadget]


HipLogic recently announced plans to let OEM’s customize Android with social networking integration, real-time news, and special games/apps designed to work from a “cloud connected interface.” From the description provided in the press release, HipLogic wants to be a MOTOBLUR stored on a server rather than deeply affecting the device. Manufacturers/carriers could create a custom interface and update it – and the content users select – over the air. It would be like a homescreen replacement/notification mash up from the looks of things.

via [HipLogic]

SPB Mobile Shell

SPB is a company I’m familiar with from my Windows Mobile days of using themes to dress up my Dash. The company announced that its Mobile Shell UI overhaul will support Android with a new 3D engine, social networking support, multitouch (pinch zoom). I don’t know if it’s because Windows Phone supposedly doesn’t support heavy customization any longer, but it will be interesting to see what they can cook up for Android.

via [SPB Mobile Software]