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Adobe demoes AIR for mobile, multiplatform development tool

February 15, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Adobe demoes AIR for mobile, multiplatform development tool

Adobe AIR is used to power a number of desktop applications and games that work across platforms. Adobe plans to bring the same experience to mobile by adding support for AIR on Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.

In a video demo showcasing what’s possible in the Flash-based Adobe AIR for mobile devices, AIR is presented as a way for developers to build their applications and games once rather than duplicating their work and making apps tailor-made for each platform. From a South Park character creation app to video conferencing application, these apps have to potential to make it easier for developers to create one great app and have it run smoothly across all mobile platforms (except iPhone).

The emergence of AIR on Android is something we anticipated last year. When interviewing Adobe Platform Evangelist Mark Doherty about Flash on Android, Doherty mentioned that Adobe planned to have AIR on mobile phones in 2010. That’s great news for everyone waiting for Tweetdeck to create an Android app; maybe this might make it easier for them to bring the AIR-based desktop client to mobile phones.