Powermat announces new charging support for Droid and myTouch

January 8, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Powermat announces new charging support for Droid and myTouch

Powermat has expanded its line of wireless phone chargers, adding support for two new Android products: The HTC myTouch and the Motorola Droid. Unlike its iPhone and Blackberry predecessors, the Android devices do not charge through clipped on sleeves placed on a Powermat. Instead, both phones have a customized battery and back plate that enable direct charging between device and pad.

Powermat features “Drop and Charge” availability that allows users to place the phone on the mat and walk away. Plugging in a standard charger is not a tedious process by any means, but multiple device owners (or someone whose spouse also has charging needs) can cut back on the chords and have a Powermat make charging the phone more organized and streamlined.

CES Booth attendees said that the phone can charge just as fast as the standard charger, however there is a 10% weaker charge at the moment. That’s going to be a big setback but they are still working to make the system more efficient and capable of meeting or surpassing the standard charge.

The “receivers” (battery and built-in charger) range from $29-40 depending on model. That’s in addition to the $39-$79 mat. Expect to see the new Android-targeted Powermats this spring or summer.droidmat