More details emerge on the Nexus One dock

January 26, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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More details emerge on the Nexus One dock

At this point its no secret that a dock will be available for the Nexus One. We originally saw an FCC listing back in late-December, and more recently there was that Google ad which priced the yet-to-be-announced dock at $45.

And now, just like many other tech goodies these days, someone has reportedly spent some time with the dock. The information is coming courtesy of an AndroidGuys reader who said the dock will allow the Nexus One to sit vertically. He also noted that his “friend has a soft case around his Nexus one and it sat in the dock just fine even with the case on.”

So far so good, but other details include that the dock has an audio mini-jack to connect external speakers as well as Bluetooth which can be used to transmit the audio. According to that reader, the “range was surprisingly good, able to play music with the phone 20+ feet with a wall or two between.”

Sadly though there was no mention as to whether or not the dock has an AV output, but it seems likely that it would, at least assuming we can believe the details that were posted in that early-run ad which mentioned that it would play photo slideshows and more.

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