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Google fixing Nexus One 3G bugs

January 26, 2010 | by Marin Perez

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Google fixing Nexus One 3G bugs

Good news Nexus One owners, as Google said it is working on a software solution for those experiencing inconsistent 3G connections on T-Mobile USA.

“Our engineers have uncovered specific cases for which a software fix should improve connectivity to 3G for some users,” said Google employee Ivar on a support forum. “We are testing this fix now, initial results are positive, and if everything progresses as planned, we will provide an over-the-air software update to your phone in the next week or so.”

Of course, if there’s still no 3G in your coverage area, or you’re on the border, be prepared for slower data speeds. But fear not, T-Mobile is doing a great job of expanding their high-speed data after years of lagging behind.