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Google Discounts Nexus One For T-Mobile Customers

January 15, 2010 | by Marin Perez

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Google Discounts Nexus One For T-Mobile Customers

Google is trying to make things right with existing T-Mobile USA customers by cutting the upgrade price for the Nexus One “superphone.”

Previously, T-Mobile USA customers could get the handset for $379, and this caused some anger because new subscribers could buy the N1 for $180. Google said upgrading customers can now get the handset for $279, and those who paid the previous price will get a refund within the next 14 days or so.

In order to be eligible, customers have to qualify for the “full grade” upgrade, which means you’ve had T-Mobile service for at least the last 22 months. Of course, you’ll also have to use an unlimited monthly data plan. If you’re unsure what grade you’re eligible for, just go into a store and ask or call T-Mobile’s customer service line. Those who already paid the $379 price should be receiving an e-mail from Google with the refund details.

This is an encouraging step for Google, which is quickly finding out that selling your own devices comes with a bunch of headaches. There have already been plenty of complaints about poor customer service, hefty return fees, and issues with 3G connectivity. I think the upgrade issue will be the most important one in the United States because carrier upgrades are a major mover of units partially due to the lack of carrier interoperability. If I were a loyal T-Mobile customer, I’d be pretty upset that I can’t get it for less than $200 and would be highly interested in jumping ship to Verizon when the N1 lands in the spring.

For those who upgraded through T-Mobile, does this discount take a bit of the sting away?