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Get a custom colored Nexus One from ColorWare

January 27, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Get a custom colored Nexus One from ColorWare

ColorWare has been around and offering custom painted gadgets of all kinds, and one of the latest they have added is the Google Nexus One. Now for those that are unfamiliar with Colorware. Basically, they allow you to either send in your gadget, or purchase one directly from them and have that gadget custom painted.

In the case of the Nexus One, if you are sending yours in expect to pay $195 for the custom work. And if you are planning to buy new then you can expect to pay $810. Both options claim to take about three weeks to see a return.

On the Nexus One you have four places to choose a color for, the frame, back, bottom and small area around the camera lens. And while that sounds easy to simply pick four colors — there are lots of them to choose from. There are 21 solid colors, 21 metallic colors, 4 pearl colors, the ability to have a gloss or soft touch finish and even the ability to have a custom color made. Of course, the custom colors will cost extra.

Colorware seems like a great option, especially if you really want to have your Nexus one (or other gadget) stand out in the crowd.

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