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China’s cool with Android

January 27, 2010 | by Marin Perez

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China’s cool with Android

China said despite any lingering beefs with Google, companies are more than welcome to use the Android operating system for phones in the country.

The country’s spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said there “should be no limit” on Android as long as it complied with the laws of the land. The news comes as there was some concern the Google-China feud may slow the adoption of Android in the world’s largest wireless market, and on the heels of Google delaying a press conference to introduce new handsets.

The country’s largest carrier, China Mobile, is using Android for its line of flagship handsets, but it is customizing the platform to offer its own user experience and applications. Look for many companies to follow the lead of Motorola, which is going to offer Android handsets in China with the search engine Baidu as the default, or as an option.