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The Camangi WebStation reviews are beginning to hit the web

December 29, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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The Camangi WebStation reviews are beginning to hit the web

It looks like my wait has come to an end, because late last night I found not one, but two reviews of the Camangi WebStation. Well, a little more accurately, what I have found is one review and one unboxing with some first thoughts.

First things first though, since I am more concerned with how the device actually works as opposed to what it looks like coming out of the box — we have the review which comes courtesy of Laptop Mag.

According to review, Laptop seems to have some good points and bad points, although I am not sure this would be enough to convince me to make my purchase. They did point out the obvious in regards to the Market, which is the Camangi Market and also very limited as compared to the regular Android Market. In other words you are going to be missing quite a lot of apps including all the good Google ones such as Gmail. It was also noted that the YouTube app was missing, and that the video support was limited to MP4 and 3GP file formats. Disappointing.

The touchscreen, which is resistive also came under fire and was noted as giving a “difficult user experience.” Yes, the WebStation comes with a stylus and apparently the display works best with that.

Finally, and the point that will keep my debit card in my wallet is that Laptop stated that “the device is sluggish, taking a few seconds longer to load apps and Web pages or respond to button presses than we like.”

But to highlight at least one good point, it was noted that the WebStation was “very light” and also was comfortable to hold both vertically and horizontally. Sadly though, just because its comfortable to hold does not mean that I still want one.

While I highlighted some of the points that jumped out to me, I do encourage you to hit the link below and check out the full review. But in the meantime, check out the unboxing video that came courtesy of GearDiary.

[via GearDiary and Laptop Mag]