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SugarSync for Android gets an update

December 6, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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SugarSync for Android gets an update

SugarSync for Android has been around since the summer months, well the end of July to be a little more specific and although we have seen some updates over time this latest is pretty interesting.

First things first though, for those unaware SugarSync is a cloud based service that runs on many platforms. They have an app available for Windows and Mac as well as Android, the BlackBerry and the iPhone to name a few. In short, they are available in most places that you would want to find it, and on top of the dedicated apps the SugarSync website is also full featured.

As far as what it does, well it syncs your files from your computer with the cloud and then lets you access those files from your mobile phone or just about any Internet connected computer. For me it has become a must have app. If nothing else just for the backup and emergency situations where I may have forgotten a file that I needed. Plus the monthly plans range from free to inexpensive.

Now getting back to this latest update to the Android app. This latest update brings more control and features to Android users. And that means we now have more options for backing up and storing data. Users will now be able to sync folders between your SD card on your phone and your computer. You can even take a folder stored in the cloud and download it to your SD card for offline use.

In addition, developers can now take advantage of a new SugarSync API that will allow then to create an app that runs from the phone and uses data stored in other locations.

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