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Seesmic app gets an update; adds support for Lists, Search and more

December 23, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Seesmic app gets an update; adds support for Lists, Search and more

Seesmic has been in the market for a few weeks now, and it has seemingly been on a pretty regular update path. Just after the release, we saw the first update which was really just a fix, but this latest update offers more — it comes with new feature support.

And just to get this out of the way, the Seesmic app can be found in the Market by searching for, you guessed it — “Seesmic” It also remains available as a free download.

Now getting back to this latest update, it is version 1.1 and with that comes better searching, more ways to share, an option to change the font size and support for Twitter Lists.

  • Searches: We’ve added a full set of features for Twitter search. View your saved searches, search on Twitter for Tweets, search for users, see current Trending Topics, create and save new searches, delete existing saved searches.
  • Share with Seesmic: Easily share links, photos or videos using Seesmic. Simply share your item via “Seesmic” and a new message will be created with the content you’re sharing.
  • Font size setting: You can now change the font size of the timelines text from the settings and choose the size that is the most convenient to you.
  • Twitter Lists: Be able to view and manage your Twitter Lists in Seesmic for Android. View your Twitter lists (that you are following and lists that are following you) as well as lists for all the users from their profile. You can also follow and unfollow a list right from the app.

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