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Rumor Mill: Dell set to unveil Android-based internet tablet at CES 2010

December 10, 2009 | by Evan Selleck

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Rumor Mill: Dell set to unveil Android-based internet tablet at CES 2010

A little competition never hurt anyone, right? Let’s hope that’s the idea here, because it looks like we’ve got another contender within the growing internet tablet marketplace. The Archos 5 just became available at Radio Shacks near you; the JooJoo (previously known as the CrunchPad) is set to start pre-orders tomorrow; and let’s not forget all those rumors (still) floating around about an Apple tablet. So, what’s Dell’s angle in all of this?

Like a lot of companies out there, Android seems to be the focus. Dell is apparently planning on launching a 5″, Android-based tablet aimed for a 2010 launch. Sources close to Pocket-Lint are saying it’ll be aimed for the UK, but hopefully that aim gets a bit more broad near, or soon after launch. There aren’t any other  details known about this #digitalunicorn yet, and Dell rolled out a canned response to Pocket-Lint regarding rumors and speculation: they don’t comment.

So, for right now, we’ve got our hopes and dreams sustaining things like this. There are other rumors that the Dell tablet will have the same functionality as the Archos 5, but where those similarities are placed is anyone’s guess. A resistive touchscreen? 8GB of memory? Who knows. However, if this does show anyone anything, maybe it’ll be better to wait to see what’s coming down the line, then to jump on a tablet that’s available now.

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