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Nexus One software/packaging photos, boot-up video, and carrier exclusivity?

December 15, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Time for your daily fill of the Google Phone. Nexus One hysteria is at a fever pitch, causing a website that sprung up with that name to crash constantly under the weight of hits that it has been getting. Well, here are a few things the website was able to gather before collapsing under the weight of Googlephonemania.

The Nexus One will sport the standard soft keyboard. It’s a little disappointing to see the phone improved visually in so many areas and still come with that unattractive keyboard, but don’t forget that you can still replace it with the HTC keyboard or one of the many keyboard applications.


The Nexus One comes in a standard white box that says “Nexus One.” It’s funny to see such a non-descript box considering how flashy other phone packaging has been. This box screams, “Who gives a crap? Open the damn thing!” The Nexus One boots up like this.

The Nexus One has some interesting usage trends

Despite people constantly saying that this would be an unlocked phone capable of going to T-Mobile or AT&T, it’s really all about the Magenta. We’ve already established that the Nexus works on AT&T but for EDGE only. Localytics points out that most phones being used are on T-Mobile. (Of course, one would have to assume that a number of Google employees already had G1/myTouch and simply plugged in their current SIM…or maybe Google just included a T-Mo SIM like they did with the Ion). Also of note is that the Nexus One has been sending traffic since November 25th and is now reporting traffic outside the U.S., including Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands.


TheNexusOne and Localytics via AndroidandMe