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Motorola DROID all set for OTA update by month’s end

December 5, 2009 | by Evan Selleck

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Motorola DROID all set for OTA update by month’s end

Considering we covered the CLIQ’s update a few days ago, it should go without much effort that we let it be known to all you DROID users out there that your phone is on track to get a software update by the end of the month. Or, as a matter of point, in the “coming weeks”. This update isn’t 2.1, but actually 2.0.1 and it’s not packed with features. But, that shouldn’t be a surprise.

The update is meant to just fix some minor issues with the device, but the primary one seems to be that autofocus situation going on under the hood. We all know how much you love to take pictures with that 5MP camera, so any kind of fix is much appreciated. However, what might be even more important is voice quality, which is also said to get addressed within the update. While I personally haven’t had any real issues with the latter, I’m not going to shy away from an update, no matter what.

As the title implies, the update will roll out in an Over-the-Air fashion. Meaning you’ll hopefully get prompted at some point here “soon” that an update is available for your phone. If not, you’ll have to dig into the settings and get the update yourself, but that isn’t really a big deal. Have you had any issues with your camera, or even voice quality? After this update hits, and if it does indeed make the camera better, is this now your perfect phone? (If it wasn’t already, mind you.) Let us know!

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