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Motorola CLIQ officially updated, OTA style

December 2, 2009 | by Evan Selleck

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Motorola CLIQ officially updated, OTA style

Throughout the day yesterday, the Motorola CLIQ started receiving updates all Over the Air and what not. The update itself is meant to address a few key issues, like battery life, the screen’s responsiveness, and touch calibration. There’s a few other fixes somewhere in there too, and I’ll get them covered here in a moment. I want to address the update first though.

If you’re new to Android, as in the CLIQ is your first expedition into the Android side of things, then it is possible it snuck by you. There have been some people saying that T-Mobile has been activating notifications on some devices, prompting the owner to download the update, but most cases are quite the opposite. Considering this, I wanted to give a bit of a heads up on how to go about getting that update. It’s pretty straight forward: Go into your Settings –> About Phone –> System Update. And that’s it. Once you select the system update, the update indication should appear for you. If it doesn’t, you probably already have the update, and you didn’t need to do any of that.


  • Improved battery life while running applications or idle
  • Improved Bluetooth pairing for audio and calls
  • TTY options
  • Enhancements to the accelerometer’s responsiveness and accuracy
  • Quick Office 2 added
  • Repairs issues with extended connections after ending a call
  • Reduced unexpected screen touches

Please, if you’ve noticed any more updates to your CLIQ, go ahead and give us a shout-out in the comments. Other users of the CLIQ might be interested to find out what you’ve found, along with the fixes above. Plus, if you’re a lot happier with your MotoBLUR device, let us know. Does this make the phone so much better? Or was the update just too little too late?