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Google Voice to Android ring delays

December 1, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Google Voice to Android ring delays

Let me first say that I love Google Voice and I love Android. Now with that said, this video is going to demonstrate that despite the nice integration that users have with the Google Voice app on Android — receiving a call may not always be that easy to answer.

In short, in my unscientific testing with my HTC Hero (on Sprint) and my iPhone 3GS (on AT&T) I see a pretty big delay in the time that it takes my Hero to even begin ringing. And in many cases it causes me to miss a call completely.

I wish I could say for sure if this was an Android issue, a Hero issue or an issue with Sprint. But either way, it is less than ideal and at times it has me picking up my iPhone more often than I would hope.

Anyone else seeing delay issues with Android and Google Voice calls?