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Dolphin Browser brings multi-touch to Android web browsing

December 1, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Dolphin Browser brings multi-touch to Android web browsing

It seems that we have a new, or more accurately a newly found web browser available in the Android Market that offers multi-touch for the Droid, Hero and Cyanogen. Based on what I have found, the Dolphin Browser has been around for a little while, however this recent update, which brought it up to version added the multi-touch support. Additionally according to the change log, this version also has the cache moved onto the SD card and corrected some bugs that caused the browser to crash.

Other features of the Dolphin Browser include easy sharing on social networks, the ability to sync with Google Bookmarks, a smart address bar which is auto-completion from your history and more, RSS detection and subscription with Google Reader, fast window switching, an all-in-one start page and more.

In short, there seems to be plenty of features — enough that I am willing to give this a go. And maybe this is the iPhone user in me that is speaking, but I am happy to have the multi-touch. Of course, I have not really been a fan of the default browser and have been mostly using Opera Mini for my Android browsing needs so I do not need all that much in terms of convincing.

The Dolphin Browser can be found using the QR Code (below) or by searching for “Dolphin Browser” in Android Market.


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