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Toshl Android app tracks expenses, exposes bad spending habits

November 5, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Toshl Android app tracks expenses, exposes bad spending habits

Problem: you get money and then spend money fast enough to wonder, “Where the heck did my money go?” Solution: get an application that can easily keep track of your spending habits.

Toshl is a new Android app that tracks daily purchases and reminds people just how taxing that coffee and cigarette habit can be on their wallet. Enter the price of a transaction and Toshl gives the option of assigning a tag, which can help better organize the types of purchases made, i.e. lunch, coffee, or apps. Users can then see those purchases in a timeline or filter by tag to gain a better understanding of their spending habits.

Each transaction can also have a description for extra clarity; users add notes about why an item was purchased, if it is a gift, or even if they plan to return it. This can be useful for someone trying to gain control of his or her finances and realize how to practice smarter or more disciplined spending habits.

Toshl supports most major currencies and is available in the Android Market at no cost.