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Sprint is rolling out the first over-the-air HTC Hero update

November 19, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Sprint is rolling out the first over-the-air HTC Hero update

The rumors are true, Sprint is indeed rolling out an OTA update for the HTC Hero, which I can say because my HTC Hero is being updated as I type up this post. I am not sure of the roll out process or how long this will take for everyone to get notified. Instead I choose to take the shortcut route and went into settings to do a manual check. (Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates -> Firmware Update)

That said the update was ready and waiting.

“A firmware update for your HERO200 is available. Would you like to download?”

In total, the update came in at “3748377 byte” and was a relatively quick download even with my poor Sprint data speeds. After the download is complete, you then see the following message;

“The firmware update for your HERO200 is now ready to be installed. Your device will be updated to version 1.56.651.2. You cannot make or receive calls during the installation, even for emergencies. Do you want to install?”

Click OK, and it goes into the reboot and update process. Of course, this part takes a bit longer than the initial download. And thankfully I can live without making or receiving calls during the process — its a perk of working at 5am.

As to what this OTA update corrects, well unfortunately there is no change log. However according to the details coming from others;

  • It corrects issues with DST
  • It corrects the battery drain/SMS issue
  • Fixes some lag that was experience when moving from a home screen to an app

As to what I have seen, honestly nothing yet. But then again I have just updated. That means I will have to keep these items in mind and offer an update later on today. But on a positive note, the RTM app icon that I was complaining about yesterday was still correct, even after the reboot to complete the update process. So maybe it did do something — time will tell.