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eReader app now available for Android

November 18, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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eReader app now available for Android

Android users can now download eReader. Of course we knew this app was coming, although the when was the question. But the good news is that it is available for download, and it is a free download.

One item to point out is that the app is not available in the market, instead it is being offered by way of a direct download link.

Feature wise, the eReader app has support for the and online bookstores as well as your online bookshelf. Content support, the eReader app handles the PDB format. Other features include the ability to move forward, move backward, change the font size and switch the reading layout from portrait to landscape.

Finally, you can grab the app here: And also read more about it here: eReader for Android FAQ

[via jkOnTheRun]