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Barnes & Noble in-store purchases for Nook in short supply…if available at all

November 30, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Barnes & Noble in-store purchases for Nook in short supply…if available at all

Barnes & Noble will hold-on to its “Nook” Android ereader just a tad bit longer. Though the first wave of people who pre-ordered the Nook can expect to have their product shipped this December, the already limited number of in-store Nook ereaders expected to go on sale in stores has been delayed until December 7th.

Barnes & Noble VP Mary Ellen Keating said that, “A very limited supply, along with demo units, will be available in our highest-volume stores only, beginning December 7.” [Note: high-volume stores are typically the two-story locations in large cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc.]

The reason for the short supply is because Barnes & Noble wants to focus on delivering items to people who pre-ordered the Nook before November 20. Anyone who ordered the Nook after that date must wait until January to receive the device, meaning there won’t be many – if any – in your local retailer.

I wanted to get a Nook before Christmas but I received conflicting reports from sales reps at several of my local B&N stores. One employee said there would be units in-store today, which has obviously been pushed back to December 7 if that was true, and another told me that no one would be able to purchase a Nook because all of their devices would go to fill pre-orders. Based on this information, I’m inclined to believe that no one really knows exactly when, where, or if Nooks will be available for purchase without having to pre-order and wait until January.


If you want to give a Nook and can’t wait, give a Nook gift certificate for Christmas.