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T-Mobile confirms “Project Dark” details

October 25, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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T-Mobile confirms “Project Dark” details

After plenty of rumors, T-Mobile has gone live with the “Project Dark” details, which are listed as the Even More Plus plans. Thankfully they look to have gone online without any real surprises, of course as TmoNews pointed out it is still early in the day and things can/may still be added.

That said, as of now it looks like users will be able to choose from Individual or Family plans that will offer talk, talk and text or talk with text and web. Further more the individual plans include options to have 500, 1000 or unlimited minutes with the family plans coming in with 750, 1500 or unlimited minute options.

Additionally, these plans are listed as also coming with free nights and weekends, free overage alerts for non-unlimited plans, “Whenever Minutes you can use whenever” as well as free nationwide T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling and no annual contracts.

For details, including pricing check out the screenshots below.

[T-Mobile via TmoNews and Twitter @ERK]