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Rumor: Upcoming Barnes & Noble ebook reader to be running Android

October 9, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Rumor: Upcoming Barnes & Noble ebook reader to be running Android

We are starting to see more and more talk about Android becoming available on devices other than smartphones, most of which up until this point has revolved around the MID (mobile Internet device) or netbook market.

Well this latest rumor is changing that a little bit, and is suggesting that the upcoming ebook reader from Barnes & Noble will be Android powered.

So far what we can tell you about the ebook reader is that it will be manufactured by Plastic Logic, but otherwise most of the details remain a mystery. Getting back to the rumor, according to Gizmodo;

“Barnes & Noble’s rapidly-approaching eReader will be an Android piece, according to our source.”

As to their source, it seems that person is “someone who (quite convincingly!) claims to work for B&N developing mobile apps.”

Unfortunately that is about all we have on that, aside from that the ebook reader is scheduled for a release sometime in the Spring of 2010. All things considered, despite the fact that this would be neat because it would be the first Android powered (dedicated) ebook reader I am not sure there is really anything special here. That said, it is nice to see (assuming this is accurate) Android being used for a wider variety of devices.

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