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Newegg now offering an unlocked Samsung Galaxy I7500 for $579.99

October 10, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Newegg now offering an unlocked Samsung Galaxy I7500 for $579.99

Unlocked handsets are generally never cheap, of course they also do not require any contract from the carrier and for that reason they are appealing to lots of users. Personally I am not one of those users, while I hate having to sign a contract, I have having to shell out the big bucks even more.

Anyway, my feelings aside, for those interested Newegg currently has an unlocked Samsung Galaxy I7500 available for sale. The price — $579.99, like I said — big bucks.

Anyway, for those looking to make a purchase, once the phone arrives in hand you will simply need to pop in your activated SIM card. As far as support, the Galaxy will work with various carriers to include T-Mobile and AT&T here in the US as well as Rogers and Fido in Canada. Of course, I should point out that (at least here in the US) this unlocked Galaxy will not have 3G support for AT&T, you can use it, but will be limited to EDGE speeds.

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