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MLB gives World Series the Android treatment with new At Bat app

October 29, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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MLB gives World Series the Android treatment with new At Bat app

Truth be told, I’m not a baseball man. I watched a Twins playoff game that was pretty exciting, but it was probably the first time in years that I witnessed baseball outside the context of Sportscenter.

With that said, even a non-baseball fan like me can recognize that the MLB is on its way to releasing a pretty good app with its At Bat. The popular iPhone app, which offers extensive in-game information, video highlights, live audio commentary, and live video of games, has come to Android in beta format. There’s no live video yet, but there is plenty of information to help baseball fans keep track of their beloved game.

The World Series matchup between the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies is serving as a preview run of MLB At Bat. Major League Baseball’s digital team wants Android users to download the app from their mobile website and put it through the ringer to help them create a better product when the final version is released to the Android Market in the 2010 season.

Current beta features include:

  • Live audio commentary feeds (of the Yankees or Phillies home broadcast team)
  • Play-by-play text tracking of pitch count and other game events
  • Game previews showing pitcher matchup, series record, and broadcast details
  • Game scores, schedules, results, and Favorite team tracking
  • Featured video clips of game highlights and postgame reactions (video quality is clear and fluid)

Download MLB At Bat directly from your Android phone by visiting