HTC debuts site to create custom designs for HTC Tattoo

October 12, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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HTC debuts site to create custom designs for HTC Tattoo

The HTC Tattoo sports Sense UI to help users customize their Android experience, and the phone includes removable parts to customize its appearance. To further push its “Make It Mine” pitch, HTC is giving users more control over their Tattoo’s look with the just launched Tattoo Studio.

At, interested customers can personalize their Tattoo by purchasing cover designs or using a customization tool. Pre-designed covers cost 11.99 euros or higher and custom covers, made by uploading an image or using the Tattoo Studio design tool, cost 14.99 euros. We’ve covered custom tools like Music Skins before, but this changes the design of the actual faceplates rather than vinyl skins.

If you haven’t been scared off by the Tattoo’s possible app troubles, this can be a cool way to further customize the device. The design studio has several options for solid colors, background patterns, adding text, and uploading personal photos. Play around with the studio, which currently offers 20% off your first cover.