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Google debuts Search filtering, syncing, and localizing for Android

October 8, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Google debuts Search filtering, syncing, and localizing for Android

You may have recently noticed that, Google has added three new features to improve mobile search on Android. People can now use Search Options to filter results, use Personalized Suggest to sync their search history between mobile and desktop, or use Local Search to narrow results to a local area.

Here’s more information on each function:

Search Options

If you are searching for comments on a product, you can use Google Product Search. But what if you want consumer comments? Perform a Google search and then click the “Options” button to narrow the results down to Forums.

Search options also enable filtering to just websites or official reviews, images associated with the page, or a time-range. Trim the fat on irrelevant data by choosing only results from the Past 24 hours, Week, Year, or a user-defined date range.


Personalized Suggest

Search bar suggestions are very convenient when trying to remember something you’ve searched for previously. With Personalized Suggest for Android, searches you perform on your desktop will be remembered for searches done on your mobile. Search for museum info on and if you’re on the way and need to look it up again, the search bar will automatically make that suggestion.

In order for this function to work, you must enable Web History in your Google account and you must use the same account on the computer and your phone.


Local Search / Starred Places (US and China only)

Searching on Google returns a large number of results that while relevant on subject may not be relevant to you in location. If I search for a catering company, seeing a popular caterer in Virginia doesn’t help me plan my function in Seattle. Clicking the Local tab will return results from caterers near my location.

Starring locations is another function to sync between desktop and mobile. If you have several errands to run, you can search on Google Maps and star a location. Go to (or click the Local tab on and you’ll see your starred results with information on each store.