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Evernote app (in beta) now available for Android

October 5, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Evernote app (in beta) now available for Android

In a little bit of good news, Evernote has released a version of their Android app earlier today. But, I should point out that it is still in beta and therefor limited in functionality.

As of now the app cannot be found in the Market, instead users willing to give this a try will have to head on over to the Evernote Forums where the will find two options for installation.

In terms of what you can expect should you go ahead with the install, unfortunately it looks like it is capture only at this point. In other words, you can capture and save a new text note, audio note, snapshot or upload a file. The drawback here is that you cannot access or view your currently saved notes directly in the app. For that you will still need to visit the mobile Evernote site.

All in all, I am disappointed that the app was not a little more full-featured, or dare I say more like the iPhone app, but at the same time it is still nice to see they are making progress because this is one web service that I have come to depend on. Here is to hoping that we see a full-featured Evernote app become available soon, until then it looks like I will have to continue with the mobile site for viewing my notes.

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