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APNdroid helps save Android phone batteries, plugs into Locale

October 8, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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APNdroid helps save Android phone batteries, plugs into Locale

Extending your Android phone’s battery life with a few tweaks has been a constant quest since the T-Mobile G1 debuted last October. Optimization has improved somewhat in the past year, but few tools are as effective and innovative as APNdroid, an app that can turn off network connections and still receive calls.

APNdroid works by adding on/off switches for 3G, EDGE, and GPRS connections. When activated, the phone uses less power because it is not constantly pulling down a connection to the network. It also helps deal with background apps that continue to pull data from the Internet. Users will not be able to browse the web or sync data unless they turn on Wi-Fi, but can still receive calls.

Meetings, road trips, roaming, or sleep times would be perfect instances where APNdroid would come in handy. Why keep a data connection if you aren’t actively trying to surf the web or access Internet functions?

Best of all: LOCALE SUPPORT! APNdroid 2.0 is an experimental version of the app that includes a Locale plug-in. The new version is not ready for primetime but can be tested by downloading and installing from the APNdroid Google Code page.

If you want the more stable version, search the Android Market for APNdroid. Visit the developer’s blog for more info.