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Don’t like the Android Calendar widget? Get a “Pure” one

September 24, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Don’t like the Android Calendar widget? Get a “Pure” one

Google Calendar is great on the web and on Android. On the homescreen? Not good enough for some people. The widget is limited to a small portion of the screen and a smaller list of events, which simply doesn’t cut it for some folks. If you don’t like the default Android calendar homescreen widget, here are a couple of replacements worth considering.

Pure Grid and Pure Calendar are two apps created by developer Francois Deslandes. Each app has the potential to appeal to different needs. If you’re a HTC Senseophile, you may like the Hero-inspired Pure Grid Calendar which can take up an entire screen or a 4×3 panel. If you’re more interested in seeing all your upcoming events listed on the homescreen, opt for the agenda-style Pure Calendar. The Pure Grid widget comes with several visual styles and Pure Calendar has skinning support. Users can also change display settings.

Pure Grid costs €0.99 while Pure Calendar costs €1.49. Users without access to paid apps in the Android Market can purchase through the SlideMe alternative market. Click on the screenshots of both apps to get an idea of what they look like.

Pure Grid


Pure Calendar


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