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App Review: Speed Forge 3D looks dynamic, plays decent

September 29, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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App Review: Speed Forge 3D looks dynamic, plays decent

Speed Forge 3D has put Android game designers on notice: low-quality graphics simply won’t cut it. Few Android games have created a world that is as visually appealing as Speed Forge, which has full 3D graphics that look great. I can’t loft similar praise on the game play… yet. As advanced and smooth the graphics of Speed Forge may be, the game needs a little work before the fun factor matches its wow factor.

Speed Forge is a racing game set in the future. Residents on Mars race their fast-moving hovercrafts for fun and Android users control their vehicles with the accelerometer. The controls take some getting used to, so it requires a few sessions before gamers will feel comfortable moving the ship forward. Hovercraft steering is done by tilting the phone left and right so the accelerometer can determine which direction to lean. Settings can be changed to increase motion sensitivity.

With a little tweaking, Speed Forge would be the class of 3D Android gaming. It looks great and is kind of fun already. Developers are in the process of improving the already entertaining app.  Test it for yourself by downloading the demo app in the Android Market. If you enjoy it and want more, purchase the full version from SlideMe.