Tips: Copy files/text from and to Android with Gmail

August 10, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Tricks

Tips: Copy files/text from and to Android with Gmail

Copying files from an Android device to a desktop computer is very easy thanks to the USB cable, but a cable isn’t always on hand. Sometimes you’re in a computer lab or at work, and need to quickly get files or text from one device to another before you leave. Gmail is an easy fix for the situation.

G1 owners have probably used this trick for quite some time, but I figured I’d talk about it for the sake of myTouch users who recently joined the Android fraternity. By creating and saving drafts in Gmail, Android users can copy MP3′s, .apk files, documents, or even reminders for their daily to-do list.

The process is simple. Open the Gmail app (or on a computer) and compose a message. Attach a file, write a reminder, or copy and paste text. Save as a draft and the next time you sync or refresh, your content will be accessible anywhere. Gmail’s high storage limits now provide a great temporary storage facility within your email account.

This post was written on a G1 and copied to the computer using Gmail.