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TeleNav offering free 30 day trial to myTouch users

August 4, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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TeleNav offering free 30 day trial to myTouch users

TeleNav works on the myTouch3g. Is anyone surprised? Of course not, but myTouch users will be happy to know that TeleNav GPS Navigator – one of the first turn-by-turn voice navigation Android apps – will be available beginning tomorrow, August 5, 2009.

TeleNav is offering myTouch owners a free 30-day trial for its navigation service that upgrades Android’s capabilities as a GPS device. The app brings 3D moving maps with voice guided directions, automatic rerouting, speech recognition to search for an address or business, and a link to My TeleNav for preplanning trips online. It also sweetens the pot with live traffic alerts to warn of accidents and congestion on your route.

Several months ago, TeleNav became the go-to app for G1 users looking to turn their phone into a full-fledged navigation device. It now has competitors/peers in AndNav, CoPilot Live (read our review), Nav4All, and Waze. Much like the deal offered to G1 users back in February, the TeleNav trial requires signing-up for a $10 month subscription plan that begins if users do not opt-out before 30 days passes.

To sign up for a trial membership of TeleNav GPS Navigator, visit or call
1-88-TeleNav-4 (1-888-353-6284) or email