T-Mobile enlists celebrities for myTouch 3G commercials

August 26, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


T-Mobile enlists celebrities for myTouch 3G commercials

T-Mobile has thrown some advertising dollars at promoting the myTouch 3G, and they’ve enlisted the help of a few celebrities to do it. In a new spot highlighting the “my” in myTouch, the new Android device is seen adapting to the user as it passes through the hands of three celebrities: actor/comedian and The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg, Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson, and stuntman/Celebrity Apprentice alum Jesse James. Take a look at the commercial below (video courtesy of HTC Source).

The celebrity factor is obviously designed to catch people’s eyes, and the myTouch is featured prominently to showcase its ability to change towards its user. From Whoopi’s comedic nature to Jackson’s zen-ness and finally to James’ crash and burn lifestyle, each personality is shown in the commercial. There’s also a line of people at the end to showcase that the phone can adapt to just about anybody. The final shots of the commercial kind of remind me of the Sprint “Now Network” commercials.

So what’s the verdict on the ad? Hate it or love it? We asked Android readers last week to dream up their version of a device/Android commercial and got a couple of interesting answers. Speaking of which, congrats to Yaniv, Joey, and Kiev for winning a gift certificate to, a website that sells artist-related and customizable G1 skins.