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More evidence that the HTC Hero will be heading to Sprint in the US

August 5, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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More evidence that the HTC Hero will be heading to Sprint in the US

We have previously seen the rumors that the HTC Hero was heading to Sprint here in the US. However, at the time that information was coming courtesy of “unnamed sources” and was still without any additional proof. Well, the proof is still on what I would consider the light side, but there is more and this time it has come by way of an official support page for the HTC Hero.

According to a recently captured screenshot from the HTC support page, the HTC Hero is clearly noted as being a Sprint device. While I guess this is nice, I cannot help but wonder why Sprint and think that the Hero, along with Android in general would have been better suited for a larger carrier such as Verizon or AT&T.

Unfortunately, even with this latest bit of evidence, we are still without a few important key items such as the release date, price and perhaps most important — how long the Hero will be exclusive with Sprint.

Of course, even with all of this in regards to Sprint, we cannot forget that we have also seen the Hero pass though the FCC with approval on the 850/1900Mhz (aka AT&T’s) frequency bands.

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