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Android aiming for more business users… will it work?

August 3, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android aiming for more business users… will it work?

Can Android attract business users away from BlackBerry or Windows Mobile? RIM owns the enterprise market in the world of mobile phones. Walk into most offices and you’ll see more BlackBerry phones than most, but Google is planning on changing that just a tad.

Google VP Andy Rubin has said in an interview that Android will have more support for business users, promising “Today we don’t support many enterprise applications but in the future I think enterprise will be a good focus for us.”

Can an improved, more business-friendly Android phone make the OS more appealing to the Curve, Bold, Tour, and Storm crowd? Native Exchange support would be a great start. Certain Android phones have the feature built in and there are some third-party solutions, but standardizing Exchange calendars, contacts, and email into the phone is ideal. The HTC Dream and Magic have already managed to make Android surpass Windows Mobile, another business-y platform, in market share, but more can be done  in terms of enterprise.

According to Rubin, how far and soon that will happen depends on manufacturers.”The best I can do is release a platform with all the goodies inside in it and then the (manufacturers) do their job,” Rubin said.

Do you think Android can unseat more users from their BlackBerry, which has become synonymous with business? What would you like to see added to make corporate life on Android more ideal?