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SugarSync Mobile now available for Android

July 29, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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SugarSync Mobile now available for Android

Sharpcast has just announced the availability of SugarSync for Android. For those unfamiliar with SugarSync, it is a multi-platform syncing solution that will allow you to have access to your important files just about anywhere you may be. Currently SugarSync, aside from being available through a web interface and a mobile web interface also has apps available for various mobile phones as well as for the Mac and PC.

SugarSync is secure and automated and even allows you to easily share and collaborate. Personally, I have been using SugarSync for a while now and it has come to my rescue several times. I can say without hesitation that the Android app is going to be a welcomed addition to my G1.

In terms of what we can expect feature wise;

  • Remote file access and browsing: Retrieve and view files from any computer in your SugarSync account.
  • Local file management: You can browse and upload files stored directly on the phone. Allows you to copy and paste files to other folders, create new folders, rename files and folders, etc.
  • On demand synchronization: Edit files directly on your phone (requires separate document editor application); SugarSync will detect file changes and prompt you to upload revisions back to the cloud and other computers.
  • Shared folders: Send files and folders (small or large) to anyone and collaborate on projects through Shared Folders.
  • Powerful Photo features: Browse photos stored on your computers in large or small format and directly upload photos taken with your Android camera phone.

SugarSync (the Android app) is currently available and can be downloaded for free from the Android Market. Once downloaded, new users can test out the service out for free with a 2GB account. Additionally, there are other storage options available, which include 30GB for $49.99 a year, 60GB for $99.99 a year, 100GB for $149.99 a year and a 250GB account for $249.99 a year. Of course, existing users will simply have to login to their account.

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Keep reading to check out the full press release:

New SugarSync Application Powers Android File Browsing and Syncing
SugarSync Solves Netbook Dilemma of Limited Storage and Missing File Manager with New Android Application

SAN MATEO, CALIF., July 29, 2009 – Sharpcast, Inc. today launched SugarSync, the leading digital life management service, on the Android platform. The SugarSync application for Android will be the first service to allow users of the platform to access all of their files on any of their computers directly from their mobile phones or netbooks, as well as the ability to browse local files on netbooks and mobile phones. SugarSync is the only broad file synchronization, sharing and back-up application currently available on the Android platform and further extends SugarSync’s industry leading mobile device coverage, which now includes native support for BlackBerry, Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, and Windows Mobile platforms.

SugarSync solves the problem of netbooks’ limited storage capacity by providing users access to all of their files from their remote computers. Additionally, SugarSync’s “Connected File Manager” fills an important void on the Android platform, offering the first Android netbook application that allows users to easily manage and view local data. SugarSync also greatly simplifies the initial setup process for netbook users, providing a quick and easy way to organize, manage, share and access all of their desired files from a netbook without needing any additional hardware. With the netbook market anticipated to grow beyond 30 million units and major PC manufacturers slated to come out with netbooks running on the Android platform in the upcoming year, SugarSync’s file syncing and browsing service stands to play a key role for a rapidly growing market.

“We are very excited to be launching SugarSync on the Android platform and for the enormous benefits that the service can bring to users of both mobile phones and netbooks,” said Laura Yecies, chief executive officer at Sharpcast. “We are committed to providing users with easy access to their files anywhere and any time through SugarSync and making the complex process of managing their digital lives a seamless endeavor.”

With over 1 million Android phones already in use, SugarSync’s application for Android mobile devices will bring industry leading digital life management features to a significant and growing user base. SugarSync feature highlights for Android mobile phones include:

– Ability to retrieve and view files from any computer in user’s SugarSync account
– Browse and upload local files on netbooks
– Ability to send files and share folders directly from the phone; Ability to view folders shared with users from their phone
– Ability to upload mobile photos from phone to SugarSync account and to view all photos stored in SugarSync account directly from mobile device.

SugarSync’s flexible syncing solution provides always-connected consumers and busy professionals a powerful way to organize, manage, share and access all their files on-the-go, instantly and securely from any Mac, PC or mobile device. SugarSync can sync files in any folder to easily map to the way people organize their folders and manage their digital lives. SugarSync’s collaboration tools also allow users to share any folder or file with limited or unlimited access to anyone they choose.

For more information about how to download SugarSync’s Android application please visit:

About Sharpcast:

Sharpcast provides SugarSync, a digital life management service that helps people back-up, sync and access documents, photos and music across all of their devices, including desktops, laptops and smart phones. The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in San Mateo, California. For more information please visit: