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Rumor: HTC Click is $99, entry level Android phone

July 21, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Rumor: HTC Click is $99, entry level Android phone

Add the HTC Click to the list of supposed Android phones adding more details to the rumor mill today. French-language Android website received an anonymous tip from one its readers that this is the HTC Click, a low-priced Android phone slated to hit shelves later this year. The Click is rumored to be an easier-to-use Android phone designed for the average consumer who doesn’t want to drop big bucks on a phone but still wants something more than what’s available in the typical device.

The Click shares some design similarities to the myTouch3g/HTC Magic and is supposedly a $99 phone. TMoNews also received an anonymous tip that the Click would be carried by T-Mobile USA and a have “form factor ‘smaller than the Samsung highlight’” which obviously makes me say hmmm. If both sources are talking about the same device, wouldn’t it be easier to just say, “a form factor smaller than the mytouch3g”?

HTC, T-Mobile, and Google reps have all said there would be several more Android phones released this year, and HTC hasn’t abandoned Windows Mobile, either. We’re already more than halfway through 2009 and the upcoming months look to be very busy in Android terms.